What to bring

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Wisconsin’s weather is highly variable in early autumn. First frost usually occurs between September 15 and October 1. Expect evening temperatures of 30 to 60°F and daytime temperatures of 50 to 70°F. Rain is possible but snow is unlikely. A light jacket will be necessary and layered clothing is recommended.

Sunday afternoon: Casual
Sunday delegation photo: Decided by state delegation
Sunday evening recreation: Casual
Monday: Conservative casual (Plastic bio-boots supplied for farm tours.)
Tuesday: Casual (Plastic bio-boots supplied for farm tours.)
Wednesday breakfast: Conservative casual
Wednesday Expo: Conference t-shirt over casual
Wednesday dinner: Conservative dress-up
Wednesday dance: Casual

Definitions of appropriate attire:
Casual: Well maintained jeans, plain T-shirts without logos, slogans, etc.
Conservative casual: T-shirts & blue jeans are not acceptable; other colored jeans are ok; polo shirts or shirts w/collars & slacks recommended; nice slacks for girls. Skirts might not be your preferred choice for daytime. Comfortable but well maintained shoes recommended for walking outdoors.
Conservative dress-up: Slacks or colored jeans, and dress coat and tie for boys; dress, or top and skirt or dress slacks for girls (blue jeans are not acceptable, but other colored jeans are ok).

Dress Code:
A dress code is in effect during the conference. You should be well groomed and appropriately dressed for all occasions. You will be in contact with sponsors and donors throughout the conference and will want to represent 4-H in the best possible way. Our best advice is to select a complimentary wardrobe with individual pieces that can be worn several times.
Bring comfortable shoes, light jacket, and rain gear.

What is not allowed?
Caps or hats are not allowed to be worn inside buildings. Spaghetti straps, bare midriffs and other revealing attire is not allowed. Skirts and shorts must be longer than finger-tip length when arms are at your sides. Tops and bottoms must meet when arms are raised overhead. Clothing printed with objectionable logos, language and inappropriate, tobacco or alcohol advertising is not allowed, nor is torn and very faded clothing. Jackets identifying other youth organizations and awards received from other organizations are not appropriate. Adult Advisors, at their discretion, may ask delegates to change clothing if attire is inappropriate.

All meals from Sunday dinner through Thursday breakfast and off-site transportation during conference are included in your registration fee. However, you may need money for airport parking or taxi service in your home state or province, meals during travel days, shuttle service between Dane County Regional Airport and the conference hotel, souvenirs, snacks, or for pre- and post-conference expenses if you are coming early or staying late.

If you bring a camera, please label it with your name and state or province. We advise you not to bring expensive equipment. Never leave your camera or valuables unattended in your room. A delegation photo and national conference photo will be given to you on Wednesday evening.

__ camera (not expensive), labeled w/your name & state/province
__ cell phone or telephone calling card (optional)
__ comfortable but nice shoes for walking outdoors (plastic bio- boots will be supplied on farms)
__ contact solution, if needed
__ jacket
__ money or traveler’s checks
__ nightwear, lightweight bathrobe and slippers or flip-flops (2-4/room lodging; private bath)
__ pen or pencil for making notes
__ personal business cards for trading (optional)
__ personal toiletries
__ prescriptions (if applicable)
__ raingear or umbrella
__ sheet music if you like to play piano for fun during free time (optional)
__ small trade items that are provided or you make, buy or solicit locally (for Pin Exchange)
__ snack or sack meal for flight
__ wristwatch (alarm clock and wake-up calls available on-site)

Leave it behind:
You do not need to bring an alarm clock, iron, blow dryer, linens, or towels all of which are provided by the conference hotel. Don’t pack anything sharp in your carry-on bag, such as nail file, nail clippers, scissors, pocket knife, tweezers with sharp points, or razors which will be confiscated by airport security personnel. Electric shavers are acceptable in carry-on luggage.