Seminars and Leadership Teams

Seminars: Fun, educational hands-on, interactive seminars are part of the core of the National 4-H Dairy Conference.  These are taught by dairy or biotechnology leaders, specialists and professors. All delegates and Adult Advisors must participate and attendance will be taken.

Leadership Team Participation & Preferences: While at National 4-H Dairy Conference, you will be a member of a Leadership Team comprised of delegates and adults. As a team member, you will take an active part in the operation of the conference and work closely with an Adult Advisor and other team members to provide daily news and weather updates, recognize and introduce sponsors, assist with hospitality and transportation details, lead recreational activities, MC assembly at meal, or help with room set-up/supplies.

Five leadership teams will work together to ensure a smooth-running conference. Leadership team titles and descriptions follow. Rank these five teams in the order of interest on your registration form, with the most preferred team being #1 and the least preferred team being #5.  You may not be assigned to your #1 choice and switching leaderships team is now allowed.  Details on the roles and responsibilities of each team are listed in 2022 National 4-H Dairy Conference Handbook.

  1. Transportation
  2. Head Table
  3. Quartermasters
  4. Sponsor Appreciation
  5. Hospitality