Hear from Jack De Kiewiet on why you should attend the National 4-H Dairy Conference

“I believe kids should attend the National 4-H Dairy Conference because you get the opportunity to meet different people with different dairy experiences, and compare and contrast your experience with theirs! It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends! You get to learn and see how many items in the dairy industry are handled before even going out onto market shelves to make sure everything is in pitch-perfect shape. Expo is also a place to see how competitive the dairy industry is with top-of-the-line livestock and genetics! I believe if you really want to see what the complexities of the dairy industry are you should go to the National 4-H Dairy Conference to see how much time, effort, and care is put into these animals. From growing up learning on the farm, to college, to the labs for semen, nutritional values, veterinarians, or top of the line farmers and producers, this conference will show you it all!”