Why should you come? Ask these 2018 attendees!

Like many once in a life time experiences, National 4-H Dairy Conference is better experienced than described. That being said, a few of our 2018 youth delegates did their best to put the experience into words. Don’t believe us that National 4-H Dairy Conference is incredible? Let these testimonials convince you!

Addy Battel, Michigan 4-H
National 4-H Dairy Conference was a career-influencing experience for me. Thanks to other 4-H sponsored events such as World Food Prize, I’m passionate about getting high-quality, nutritious food to people who need it through innovations in agriculture. National 4-H Dairy Conference reminded me of the community-like atmosphere that surrounds the dairy industry; it’s a community I’d like to remain part of the rest of my life. Experiences at Dairy Conference showed me key areas and career paths where I can use my unique skills and passions within the dairy industry. I also had the opportunity to network with youth and adults alike who share my passion for dairy. I hope some day to work alongside them as we help each other get to where we want to be in life.

Anna Ready, Nebraska 4-H
The National 4-H Dairy Conference was packed with opportunities. From networking to just being able to enjoy the city of Madison, this experience was unforgettable. Going into the conference I decided that I would put everything into learning and being in the moment. This was the best decision I could have made for myself. I met people who have the same passion for the dairy industry as I do. Everyone at the conference wants to see you succeed!

Another one of my favorite parts of the conference was the exposure to all of the different sides of the industry. Going into a few of the tours I didn’t really understand what I was seeing, but they were truly meaningful and worthy of my time. In that short time we as delegates were together, we became a family. The National 4-H Dairy Conference is nothing short of amazing. It’s the excitement of a lifetime in just a few days. My hope is that many other youth decide to immerse themselves in this experience!

Shelby Sumner, Florida 4-H
The National 4-H Dairy Conference is an amazing experience. Throughout the fun-filled, action packed four days, attendees get the chance to meet over a hundred kids from other states around the U.S., who all share a common interest – the dairy industry. I also had many opportunities for networking with representatives and owners of different companies that are a part of, or service the dairy industry. Personally, my favorite part of the conference was being able to tour to the ABS Global Dekkora facility. In addition to this tour, we toured the Hoard’s Dairyman Guernsey Farm, Hoard’s Dairyman Magazine, National Dairy Shrine Museum, and Nasco International. We also spent an afternoon at World Dairy Expo, and we had a morning at University of Wisconsin, Madison where we broke into groups for seminars. The entire conference was incredible, and I would most definitely recommend for others to attend future dairy conferences.

Kara Teachman, Washington 4-H
National 4-H Dairy Conference is truly an experience like none other.  Just about anyone can hop on an airplane to Wisconsin and visit World Dairy Expo or explore the National Dairy Shrine Museum.  What makes Dairy Conference unique is having top industry professionals come and teach about the countless career possibilities in dairy, touring fascinating locations such as ABS Global and Hoard’s Dairyman Publishing and Farm, and, of course, getting to meet and enjoy the conference with fellow 4-Hers from all parts of the country.

Attending the National 4-H Dairy Conference was possibly the single best choice I have made in my life.  During those four action-packed days I became absolutely captivated by all the new information. I learned about the functions of robots on dairies, explored the role of genetics and its interaction with herd performance, how to raise calves to their greatest potential, and the importance of youth in the dairy industry. I had meaningful conversations with speakers and leaders about my interests and skills and how they could be used in dairy careers. I saw the latest breakthroughs and revolutions in dairy technology on display at World Dairy Expo.  Perhaps my favorite part, though, was becoming friends with the other delegates, many of whom I am sure I will meet again as equally inspired members of our dairy community.