Handbooks have everything you need to know…

The recently launched National 4-H Dairy Conference website details nearly everything you need to know for your trip to Madison this fall. But, if there’s something else you’re looking for, the Participant and Coordinator handbooks provide a wealth of information.

The Expectation Statement for Adults, Youth Code of Conduct, Field Trip Authorization, and the Registration and Lodging Reservation forms are all included within the “Delegate and Adult Advisor Registration Materials and Handbook.”

Links to both handbooks and the necessary forms are provided below. FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO CALS CONFERENCE SERVICES BY AUGUST 29, 2015. Online registration will open July 15.

Registration and Lodging – Registration and Lodging

Payment Form – Payment Form

Adult Expectation Form – Adult Expectation Form

Youth Expectation of Conduct Form – YouthConduct

Field Trip Authorization – Field Trip Authorization



We look forward to seeing you in Madison!